Welcome to Pattons Automive LLC Diesel side.. The local  Ford Powerstroke Diesel shop of choice!!

 We like to take alot of pride in our work so our customers not only feel and hear a difference in how their trucks run and preform  but also tell that we pay attention to detail and cleanliness. With the large amount of cleaning equipment we have , we do our best to make the details stand out!! Pattons has all the latest scan tools and diag equipment to get the job done and tested on every vehicle that we work on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Every repair done here is with the best parts we can get ( mostly OE ) . All repairs carry a warranty from 12 months to 3 years depending on the part. We are now offering an added opportunity for the customer to purchase additional warranty that suits their needs. (example- an injector for 6.0 has a 2 year warranty from ford BUT only pays partial labor-NOW you can buy a 2 year on top of that to extend it a total of 4 years -FULLY COVERED PARTS AND LABOR-)  So even if the part is not from a dealer ( starter from napa or car-quest) we are a TechNet service center which means that all parts we sell are covered nation wide. ( more info is available here at Pattons)                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Now to get into some our specialities.

7.3- .... These engines are what made Ford who they are!! Most people are very found of the 7.3 for the simple fact of the amount of miles and abuse they take, most of the 7.3 diesels we see are for simple things like extended cranks-no starts or just need maintained. these engine were built with no regulations to emissions so there is less chance of a cooler (egr or oil )  to fail. But now that most of them have ALOT of miles we are doing oil leaks- harnesses - glow plugs - ect but whatever the case we got you covered..  


NOW the 6.0 is a different story!! They tend to be a love or hate  relationship. I would like to say proudly I own 3 of these trucks!! Also most of my family does too, they all have had their fair share of repairs but hell what doesn't!                        My work schedule does consist of mainly 6.0 trucks. Not that they are "junk"  but most of the time we find that previous repairs were done incorrect by a shop without any knowledge of the product at hand. There are so many over looked (small) issue -like coolant- that could have avoided a failure. Things like the incorrect oil filter or incorrect oil..  IF YOU PUT A WIX FILTER AND 15\40 ROTELLA --EXPECT A FAILURE TO HAPPEN--   My engines here are only serviced with Motorcraft Filters (oil and both fuel) and 15/40 Motorcraft blend. Next is the intervals.. its not a 7.3 so 5000 miles is to far!! 3000 is a recommened service miles. A lot of customers come to me and complain of the crazy amount of money spent and it never got fixed.. Well once again its knowing the product. We are equipped with a factory Ford IDS . Its the only way to properly diag running issues on the Ford trucks and with being said after every repair we always update the  vehicle with the latest software from Ford. AND now to explain that the high pressure oil system was not 100% in the begging either. So knowing how and where  to test is a big part of repairs. We have about every tool know to test these trucks. We do our best staying on top of the game with new info or updated parts from Ford on a regular basis. We do just about everything and anything on the 6.0 engines here , performance upgrades - exhaust kits - tuners - cab off engine builds ( bulletproof ) -  no starts - extended crank - random misfires - or just the old "nobody can fix it" situation! feel free to come by or call to get any info you would like. I do encourage my customers to get a build list from here and compare work quality and pricing with other shops before spending your hard earned money on a big job like head studs and gaskets. ( there is so much more that needs to be done than just studs and head gaskets plus the quality of the part is must) .. I have yet to see another shop that truly loves these engines and cares for them like we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  






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